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former foster youth, childhood trauma, lived experience
keynote speaker
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Belonging is an innate and fundamental need that we all have. It influences many of our decisions throughout any given day, whether we realize it or not. Research and experts have shown the exponential impact of genuine and authentic experiences of belonging. It can increase motivation, problem-solving, emotional, mental, and physical health, and resiliency, to name a few. Family, school, and community are widely discussed as the top three ways developing youth experience and feel belonging.


Unfortunately, we also know that if a youth has experienced childhood adversity of any sort, their relationship with family, school, or community is often destroyed in the process; and sometimes all three. Adversity and trauma directly impact and sometimes eliminate experiences of belonging. I believe this is why we see such significant gaps and vicious cycles in youth and adult populations who have experienced childhood adversity and trauma. 

Backed by research and lived experience,  this workshop is about how you can begin to erase the belonging gap for the youth you serve. You will be informed, challenged, and inspired to continue the life-changing work, but with a different perspective and intention. 

2 hours  | 4 hours | 6 hours - In-person workshop or Virtual Webinar Series

“In 20+ years of being in the mental health field and having to attend many training sessions, this training by far was the most helpful. I did NOT want Gaelin to stop. I have never said that about any training I have attended.”


"I can honestly say that I was able to go through what I went through, experience the trauma I experienced, and be the man I am today because of the brief
moments of belonging I experienced along
the way."


With a background in youth mentoring, curriculum development, and advocacy coaching, I am able to package comprehensive plans together for partners that are committed to the long haul. Is that you?

You aren’t simply searching for the speaker with the “greatest” story and experience, but for a speaker that can help you navigate your own experiences. You may not have used the specific language, but you've seen the impact lack of belonging has on your community, families, and youth. I know the feelings of isolation, inadequacy, helplessness, and hopelessness that are outcomes of the belonging gap. Let's take back our youth's future by erasing the belonging gap!

Champion belonging so that our youth's futures' are not defined by a past they couldn't control


Champion belonging to create positive childhood experiences to counteract the adverse ones

Champion belonging to erase the belonging gap

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