Let’s redefine Adversity together, one perspective shift at a time.



If adversity doesn’t constructively shape the experience of others, then we have failed.

The only thing foster care ever gave me was the experience of adversity, which then turned to resilience. I speak so that current foster youth and other vulnerable populations build positive resilience through the adversity they face.

Positive resilience is grit, determination, and passion geared towards overcoming obstacles and adversity. Negative resilience is stubbornness, self-sabotage, and unreached potential aimed at fighting the world with no positive outcomes.

Any time we experience adversity, we are strengthening and growing either our positive or negative resilience. The goal of my workshops are to help others identify what practices have been in place that are contributing to one, (or both), and create new norms where they utilize positive resilience to overcome whatever adversity that has taken a toll on the demographic they serve.

“In 20+ years of being in the mental health field and having to attend many training sessions, this training by far was the most helpful. I did NOT want Gaelin to stop. I have never said that about any training I have attended.”


The goal is to transform the way adversity is valued and responded to. Unfortunately, as a social worker, you experience and are exposed to adversity from all avenues. Nonetheless, there is an opportunity to have a unique impact on the lives of the youth that you serve through how you respond to adversity. In this workshop, we will discuss the "3 V's of Adversity: the different paradigms". That includes understanding the different V's, and how to identify them. Because I am a former foster youth, I have stories and examples that display the different V's and how they manifested themselves in my life. Next, we will discuss the CARE (Compassion, Authenticity, Resilience, Empowerment) acronym and how, as social workers, we can use it to help move youth toward a paradigm that sees life through a transformed lens.


For: Foster Care Professionals and Social Workers


Takeaway: You and your team will have clear action steps on how to approach and guide those who are going through great adversity. Will create a natural way to serve and approach those difficult situations.

3 V’s of ADversity and the CARE Model

1 - 4 hrs. | Remote or In-person

Belonging & Diversity

This workshop focuses on training and bringing perspective to educators who have identified diversity and belonging as priorities in their classroom culture. The education gap in America's education systems is astounding, and has led to policy and practice of school districts under-serving the students of color in their predominantly white school districts. A lack of belonging in school culture and atmosphere has contributed to the gap widening. In this workshop, I speak through important concepts, approaches, and tendencies that can lead to creating, cultivating, and sustaining a school atmosphere that values and cares for those on the margins and not of the majority.


For: Schools who do not have a diverse student population, schools without diverse leadership and/or faculty, schools who value diversity and creating space for their underserved students.


Takeaway: Different practices to incorporate more inclusive learning environments, better understand obstacles or barriers that often prevent educators from serving these populations, and gain insight into the experience of not belonging at the place you spend most of your time; school.

1 - 4 hrs. | Remote or In-person

Revise adversity so that you can be the change in the world of the people you serve.

Revise adversity so that you can be the ordinary hero that changes someone’s life for the better.

Revise adversity so that you can be all that you were supposed to be.

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I also serve as an Advocate Coach working to build support and care for all components of Foster Care. I have a limited number of speech and workshop dates available. Fill out this form to inquire about my speech schedule.


Let’s redefine Adversity together, one perspective shift at a time.

The solution to adversity is hidden in the definition:
Ad-ver-si-ty. Difficulty or Misfortune
Origin: Latin - Advertere “To turn towards”

If we don’t turn toward the misfortunes of adversity then we, our team, and our children miss out on the fortunes.