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CARE-ing through Adversity

Four decisions you can make to care for youth who experience adversity within the system!

From foster care and homelessness to playing football in the NFL,
I am familiar with adversity in all its forms. 

“By the age of 5, Gaelin had experienced more adversity than most adults will in their lifetime. He has shown a tremendous amount of resilience through adversity to become the person and speaker he is today.”

- The Wilma Rudolph Award Committee

Imagine a






where adversity was seen as a welcomed opportunity to grow ourselves and serve others instead of an unfortunate and difficult event.

How great would the world, team, job, family or school be?

How great could you be?

Inspiration + Application

We all experience adversity, but sometimes it can feel so unrelenting that it begins to take a bigger toll on us. You’ve seen adversity impact your team, your job, the youth you serve or work with, or maybe it’s even impacted you.


Now you’re searching for a clear perspective shift to leverage that adversity from the past, and for the future. A perspective that is different from academia, which only understands your problems in theory.

You want something inspiring, relevant, and empowering that transcends academia and powerpoints. You need real life concepts, stories, and solutions that lead to transformation.


As one of the youngest speakers in my field, my entire approach is rooted in authentic and impactful concepts while also having lived the experience to back it.

“Gaelin is a dynamic and wonderful presenter. His experience felt much more tangible and accessible to a wider range of disciplines. I look forward to having him speak again.”

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CARE-ing through Adversity

Four decisions that adults can make to help foster youth turn toward adversity! 


The Path Out Of Adversity

Adversity is frustrating. I get it. The difficult nature of life will always be there. What’s more frustrating is when we don’t reach our full potential after going through adversity.


We can transform how we view the adversity we face. We can “grow through it” instead of just “go through it”.


Some of my lowest lows immediately after my highest highs, and those moments can be debilitating. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping others see their adversity as it truly is - the path to their greatest self.

Revising Adverstiy

The definition of ad - vers - ity tells us that it's one of two things; difficulty or misfortune. Are you okay limiting your adversity to those two things?


Without the correct perspective, we’re closing ourselves off from a world of possibility, growth, and potential.


As we revise ad - vers- ity, we begin to rewire how we internally process it, which in turn changes our response to it, giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed when things don’t go as planned starts with your perspective.


I’m Gaelin Elmore

I’ve walked a lot of paths in life and had a variety of different experiences - all bookended by adversity.


I’ve gone from being a former foster youth to signing an NFL contract to becoming a professional speaker and communicator. I am an Adversity Revisionist and Foster Care Reformer.


I want to radically transform the way the world values and responds to adversity. Ultimately, this transformation will grow individuals, the systems those individuals are a part of, and the individuals impacted by those systems.

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CARE-ing through Adversity

Informed CARE that will lead to youth with adverse backgrounds turning toward their adversity