Transform the way you value and respond to adversity, for yourself and for others.


Adversity is a constant problem throughout any career.

I share my personal experiences and give tangible takeaways. My goal is to help you revise the Adversity specific to you, leading to resilience within your company/team.

You’re looking for a speaker that doesn’t just share inspirational stories, because being inspired is an emotion, and emotions are constantly changing.

You want your team to have something to take away for their situation.

I call this “Sustainable Inspiration”.

Inspiration + Application



Wow is where I share my stories and life experience. I share my story and what I’ve learned from what I went through.

This is where most inspirational and motivational speakers stop.



How is all about connecting my story and experiences to the “average” person’s lived experience. The truth is that no one’s experience or adversity is greater than the next. There is no ranking system. So I show the audience How there is no difference between us other than how we respond to adversity.



Now is the application of concepts. I explain the purpose of my sharing and why I choose to turn toward. Then, I add a call to action for the audience to apply what it is that they learned to their situation in the here and now, not the hypothetical future.

“Gaelin is such a gifted presenter and facilitator. He has so much practical wisdom that goes beyond his years. His calling is being up front and leading.”


Going through the Fire

I discuss adversity and its original purpose in our lives. This specific talk discusses the interconnection between adversity in life around us and our own lives. I then share my personal experience and life story in tandem with a beautiful flower whose purpose is wrapped in adversity as well. I make the connection that our lives, although different, are all like the flowers when we encounter adversity.


I finish with a simple application of the talk to fires that they may have experienced or are currently experiencing in their own lives.


For: Any audience who experiences adversity.


Takeaway: A new approach toward adversity and inspiration to embrace difficult things. Understanding that the unclaimed benefits of adversity are not lost, but can be realized through our revision of adversity.

30 min- 2 hrs. | Remote or In-person


3 V’s of ADversity and the CARE Model

I discuss the different paradigms of adversity, specifically, adversity within the foster care space. I discuss how to recognize them while using specific life examples to further explain the paradigms. I then discuss the CARE model that help youths move toward being a vessel and embracing the adversity that they face.


For: Professionals who work with youth who have experienced trauma (teachers, coaches, social workers, physicians, officers, therapists, etc.)


Takeaway: New perspective on adversity, understanding of paradigms experienced in the youth they serve, and a tangible care model to redirect how they serve their youth. Will greatly impacts how you perceive, respond to, and use the adversity in your life and the lives of the youth you serve. Will lead to greater empathy and understanding, as well as ownership of the role you play in the lives of others.

30 min- 2 hrs. | Remote or In-person


Courage to Overreact

I discuss the life-changing power that adults have in the lives of children when they decide to intervene on their behalf. I share specific stories of how the horrific cycle of foster care traps youth through adversity faced in the system.


For: Professionals who work with youth in the foster care system, communities, foster parents.


Takeaway: A small gesture of kindness or love could be all it takes to change the worldview of a youth who has experienced adversity. Will inspire professionals to fully step into their role in the lives of youth. Will be encouraged and inspired to be the difference they hope to see.

 30 min- 2 hrs. | Remote or In-person

You aren’t simply searching for the speaker with the “greatest” story, but for a speaker that can help you navigate your own. You want to stop allowing adversity to be a destructive presence in your life and the lives of those around you. I know the feelings of being helpless, hopeless, and discouraged all too well. I have been there and lived through it time and time again. I speak because I’ve gone through it and I want to impact change for others.

Revise adversity so that you can be the change in the world of the people you serve.


Revise adversity so that you can be the ordinary hero that changes
someone’s life for the better.

Revise adversity so that you can be
all that you were supposed to be.

Book a speech or workshop to begin revising adversity today.

I also serve as an Advocate Coach working to build support and care for all components of Foster Care. I have a limited number of speech and workshop dates available. Fill out this form to inquire about my speech schedule.


Let’s redefine Adversity together, one perspective shift at a time.

The solution to adversity is hidden in the definition:
Ad-ver-si-ty. Difficulty or Misfortune
Origin: Latin - Advertere “To turn towards”

If we don’t turn toward the misfortunes of adversity then we, our team, and our children miss out on the fortunes.