Adversity is the mirror that shows us our true selves.

Are you happy with what you see?



“Gaelin’s presence and power are both very noticeable and strong. But he made a specific effort to be vulnerable and connect with our audience while removing the barrier that is traditionally there between presenter and attendee.”


Homelessness and abuse, success and notoriety:

I familiar with adversity in all of its forms.

Born the youngest of 5 to a struggling household, it brought many of its own complications. After spending over 10 years in the foster care system, and experiencing physical, mental, and emotional abuse, I was as good a bet as any to be just another youth chewed up and spit out by the foster system.


However, I knew I didn’t want to be another statistic.


While battling homelessness, I continued attending school and found sports to be a great outlet. After being taken from my family again when I was 16, I became a national recruit for football. I signed to play at the University of Minnesota, graduated in 3 years with a degree in communications and started my grad degree - all while playing football and excelling on the field.

I left grad school to sign a contract to play in the NFL... only to realize that that wasn’t what I felt like my purpose was.


I left the NFL and began working with youth from similar backgrounds to mine, assisting them in their pursuit of success. I now work closely with the foster care space, and speak professionally as an adversity expert and revisionist. What I learned through my life certainly resonates within the space of foster care, but what I learned from adversity rings true in all spaces.


I love anything competitive like sports and games. I enjoy creating such as writing , drawing, painting and building. Besides speaking, spending time in good company is one of the most rewarding ways to spend my time.

Adversity can be the spark that lights your path
or the fire that forever changes it.

You can be that adult that changes it all for a Foster Child.

Your team can set the tone and change outcomes

with a culture of resilience.

You can view overcoming adversity as not only outcomes and numbers, but changing the lived experience of others.


Adversity shouldn’t be an isolating experience, but a unifying one.

The defining characteristic of difficult experiences should be that they are growing you because they are difficult.

I aspire to bring justice and inspire resilience wherever I can in the right now, and I speak both on site and remotely to audiences all across the U.S.


I speak because I know that at this very moment, there is someone going through the exact same things or something way more difficult than what I went through.. I want them to know that they are not alone, that they can get through it, and that although I may not know them personally, I am fighting on their behalf.


I speak for the adults out there who are in the lives of those same children who are going through unimaginable things. I want them to know the power they have in the lives of the children around them.

Did you not know that God’s kindness

was meant to lead us to repentance.


Romans 2:4

I make it easy for you to embrace your own adversity so that you can be the hero in some child’s story.


As a child, I felt like very few adults took the chance to help me in my situation. I struggled with seeing the value or importance of going through adversity because no one around me did. There was very little they could do to change my situation, but if they would have seen value in my experience, then so would I - and I know so many others feel the same way.


My mission is to revise adversity because I know how beneficial it actually is. This perspective shift is one of the most powerful ways that you can effect change in the lives of others.

My mission is to revise adversity because I know how beneficial it actually is. This perspective shift is one of the most powerful ways that you can effect change in the lives of others.


Why is it that the things that make us most emotional - sad, happy, motivated, excited, or enraged - involve adversity?

Why is it that the most inspirational stories involve overcoming some form of adversity?

It’s because we all inherently see the value in turning toward adversity, but we might not know how to do that in our own lives… yet!