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“A theology of Hustle” is hosted by Currey Branford and aims to give a platform for people to talk about how their work is God’s work. In this episode, we are able to touch on just about everything: my background in foster care, my stint with TFI, my unhealthy relationship with sport, how I gave my life to Christ, we even touch on equity. If you want to learn about me, how I see the world, and how it all informs my speaking, then check out this episode. You can also learn more about the work that Currey is a part of at the link below:


What's your biggest dream for foster youth?

What's your worst nightmare for foster youth?

From foster care and homelessness to playing football in the NFL, I have experienced the lowest of lows and highest of highs and have come to understand one thing to be true...

If you experience either alone, then the experience itself is worse.. that's why creating belonging is so important! Let's partner together for the foster youth in your life


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