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Impact of Self(less)

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Foster care is hard. It's an imperfect answer to an impossible problem. The fact that you're here right now, says a lot about your commitment to the vulnerable, and as a former foster youth - THANK YOU! But you don't have to have all of the answers or do it all by yourself... 

My heart is obviously for the children in the system and my heart is broken for those who have to walk similar paths that I did. But the heart of my mission is for YOU - the adults that are a part of the system. That's because adults (often unknowingly) had the greatest impact on how I perceived my situation, the hope that I held on to, and the resiliency I showed in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. You are the answer! Give the podcasts below a listen to learn a little more about the adults - much like you - who had tremendous impact on my life...

Welcome LIFT
Conference Attendees!

Self(less) Care doesn't mean by yourself!

What Others Have Said

District Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Director and Child Abuse Pediatrician


District Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Having Gaelin come in was amazing. He really was able to help our staff take a deep breath and find tangible ways to bring our mission to fruition.

Director and Child Abuse Pediatrician

Gaelin is a dynamic and wonderful presenter and his experience felt much more

tangible and accessible to a wider range of disciplines . The things he

shared will definitely be incorporated into bettering our practice.


Foster Parent and Conference Attendee

Gaelin was our favorite speaker at the conference. The vulnerability he showed and stories he shared will forever stick with us. What a gift he has to share!

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